The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool

In today’s competitive market industrial manufacturing and hi-tech firms are feeling the pinch. One proven lead generation tool that increases leads and sales is news articles and feature stories about your product.

To make headway against an established market leader, or bring a new product to market, you need to reach a large number of potential customers repeatedly with your message.   To accomplish this task,..

Here is the description of the program in which Power PR can generate pre-qualified leads in the following manner.  We got go after multiple markets and we are the only company in North America..

The industrial sector, comprised of general manufacturing, electric utility power generation, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, plastics, rubber, mining and a host of other market segments, has been hit hardest by the most recent recession. Many of these firms have had to make some difficult decisions–scaling back operations,

According to Len Saffir, a PR industry veteran and author of the best-selling book Power Public Relations, the basic progression is to do in-house PR “until a company becomes either big enough or smart enough to seek expert help.” In the following ten circumstances, a manufacturer

When you want information, where do you go? If you answered, the Internet, you’re in good company. In addition to newspaper and trade magazines, people are getting information online.