About Power PR

Our goal at Power PR, Inc. is to help companies with newsworthy products to expand by delivering the highest quality and largest volume of news articles and features stories about their product or service that generates leads and sales.

We are the only PR firm in the world that guarantees you a minimum of 5 published articles per month!


Power PR was founded as Power Marketing in 1991 by John W. Elliott in Hermosa Beach, California. A journalist and editor with over 35 years of successful marketing experience, Elliott used his sales and marketing acumen to build Power Marketing into a successful, full service marketing company.

In April 1995, Elliott narrowed the focus of Power Marketing and created a unique Marketing Public Relations Program. His idea was to create a completely new category — Marketing Public Relations — and product publicity that would guarantee results and sales lead generation for industrial and business to business firms.

On December 31, 1995, the company was incorporated under its new name, Power PR, and by January 1997 had moved to offices in Torrance, California. During the period from December 31, 1995 to the present, Power PR has generated more than 15,000 published articles for its clients. This is more than any other product publicity firm in the country.

Vision of a New Category of Marketing Public Relations Firms

Power PR’s Marketing Public Relations Program utilizes news articles about a clients’ products and services to increase public awareness, name recognition, product visibility and sales. Based upon a belief that the public relations industry is often not held accountable for concrete results, Power PR is the only PR firm in the nation that guarantees a minimum of five published articles every month-and delivers on that promise.

In addition to Media Relations Specialists, Power PR employs a highly trained staff of high-tech journalists and technical writers with backgrounds in such fields as computer technology (hardware and software) networking, electronics, medicine, engineering, manufacturing, and education. Today Power PR consists of over 30 employees dedicated to providing the best public relations service in the world.

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Management Team

John Elliott
John Elliott
John W. Elliott, founder and president of Power PR, Inc., brings over 36 years of public relations and marketing experience to the company table. A native of Hawaii, John is a journalist and former editor of a national real estate publication. While editor-in chief- of The Property Management News, he actively participated in the National Association of Real Estate Editors.

As a public relations executive, John has been instrumental in landing hundreds of pages and hundreds of hours of radio and television coverage for his various local, national, and international clients and employers. He has secured press coverage for political, art, sports, telecommunications, manufacturing, medical, scientific, and many other organizations.

Jeff Elliott
Jeff Elliott
Jeff Elliott graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 1992, receiving a degree in Communications. In 1995 he joined the Power PR team at the request of his father and founder of Power PR, John W. Elliott. While at Power PR he used his writing skills to prepare over 100 press releases covering a broad spectrum of subjects.

He also proved himself a successful Media Relations Specialist with over 200 published articles to his credit. Shortly thereafter, Jeff pioneered a new Account Manager program where he successfully managed multiple accounts, including many of Power PR’s longest running clients.

In 1997, Jeff was awarded part-ownership in the company. Shortly thereafter he was promoted to Chief of Operations, where he oversees the entire service delivery division. Today, Jeff has also assumed the responsibility of company-wide quality control. In this role, he has been instrumental in establishing the current company organization and for maintaining its high standard of excellence.

Heather Metcalfe
Heather Metcalfe
Heather Metcalfe was raised in the PR industry, making her first appearance at age two in the Honolulu Advertiser with her mother and brothers, who were visiting the local library because their father had thrown out the television in favor of book-based education.

As the child of a father with a talent for getting articles published, Heather was well schooled in the art of Public Relations. She began working after school and summers at Power Marketing (Power PR’s former incarnation) in 1992, and was determined to learn the PR business. In January 1995, Heather became a partner and was assigned increasingly responsible positions as the company expanded, including Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. She also assists in the sales and marketing department. Heather has worn every hat in the organization at one time or another, and she is determined to work wherever needed to help the company grow.