If you’re wondering where business customers find their information today, they’re no different from consumers – they turn to the Internet.

According to a survey published in the September 1, 2005 issue of “Electronic Design” magazine, business buyers are using the Internet more and more – already they are finding almost fifty percent of their information online. When asked, “Where do you find the most useful information about new products and technology?” the respondents ranked print magazines (54%), Web searches (23%, Google primarily), and E-mail newsletters (19%, which includes RSS feeds) as the top three sources. This covers 96% of the bases, relegating trade shows (2%) and word of mouth (2%) to being almost inconsequential. This comes as good news for anyone using a business to business internet marketing strategy for lead generation.

Power PR has been a leader in the print article side of PR for many years. Now we offer B to B companies the electronic half of the marketing publicity equation. Internet searches on Google can bring you a large percentage of your leads, but unless your website is seen on page one when an interested buyer searches online, these hot leads will be going to your competitors. Another valuable online tool is an Internet newsletter. In particular, RSS newsletters are quickly gaining popularity because they are spam free and they are 100 percent deliverable. With our PRESSfeed system it’s easy to display high-quality, relevant news on a company’s Website, and to syndicate its news and content elsewhere.

Just as for news releases, though, anything written for RSS must be based on a sound business to business internet marketing strategy. You must employ all available SEO techniques critical to improving your search results and breaking through the marketing clutter. Once correctly optimized, major search engines seek out RSS feeds with good content and view them as legitimate news sources.

Here lies one of the greatest strengths of any business to business marketing effort: customers readily recognize the editorial copy of electronic or print media outlets as fairly objective arbiters of the “real” story. For this reason, editorial copy is read six times more than advertising according to some studies.

Without print, optimized press releases and RSS feeds, there will be gaping holes in your business to business marketing strategy and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get to the 96% saturation level. But once you implement an integrated plan that includes Internet marketing, lead generation should more than take care of itself.

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